Hello there! I'm Amy, and this is where I'll be writing about my life as a mom. My fiancee and I are expecting a baby boy in February, and we are over the moon about it! In the meantime, we've got lots and lots of decisions to make, lots of preparation to do, and I've still got quite a bit of growing to do, too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I had my doctor's appointment last Monday and he told me that my uterus is measuring about 1cm on the small side. They scheduled me for an ultrasound next Monday to make sure everything is ok. I was just comparing this weeks photo with last weeks photo, and based on how much the nugget has grown in a week, I'm really not worried! So now I get to be excited about the extra ultrasound, I love seeing my little guy moving around in there. I feel him often enough....

On a side note, I decided to let Slade pick the middle name (brave, I know). We decided on Jett for the first name, and I think the front runners for middle are Avery and Presley. I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Can we please have an update on your uterus?