Hello there! I'm Amy, and this is where I'll be writing about my life as a mom. My fiancee and I are expecting a baby boy in February, and we are over the moon about it! In the meantime, we've got lots and lots of decisions to make, lots of preparation to do, and I've still got quite a bit of growing to do, too.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I almost just had a meltdown! It though it would be a good idea to start a spreadsheet to track my cloth diaper spending. I'll be able to see how much I'm saving AND keep my frivolous omg-its-so-cute spending in check. So I type in all the info for everything I've bought so far, including tax and shipping, and then sum all of the columns together. $215.91!! Holy crap, that's a lot of money!! But wait! I decided to figure out how many Huggies I could buy with that much money. Did a quick google search to find out on average how many diapers little babe is going to use each day for the first few months, priced out Huggies at Wal-Mart, did the math. Guess what? That $215.91 would buy enough Huggies to last my newborn for about the first 12 weeks of his life. Yes, I said 12 weeks. 2 and 1/2 months. Don't worry, I'm already patting my self on the back over here.

What have I got so far, you ask? Well, let me tell you! I have 8 Lil Joeys newborn all in ones, 2 GroVia one size shells with 4 soakers to go inside, and today I order a flip one size shell with 1 insert and a BumGenius (the same company that makes flips) one size shell with 1 insert from the seconds sale at cottonbabies.com. Seconds are like the stuff that ends up at Ross or TJMaxx, maybe there's a mark or snag on the fabric, the seam may not be perfectly straight, that kind of thing. And I got a SUPER deal on them, so excited.

That means my near-meltdown turned in to an I'm-already-such-a-cost-effective-mom moment! Woo Hoo!! And then I remember that this is not gong to be enough diapers to keep my kid in cloth all day every day. But that's ok, now that I know how much it would cost to put babe in disposables for a day (about $2.75), I can make better decisions about what to buy and how much to spend.

On a side note, little nugget had the hiccups at about 3:00 this morning! We saw them Monday, but that was the first time I've felt the hiccups. So cool. He's definitely sitting more on my right side, I could see it yesterday afternoon when I was siting upright in a chair, and could feel it last night. It's so strange how they hang out in there like that! What's also strange is that I remember telling someone VERY early in my pregnancy that I though the baby was implanted on my right side, because I kept feeling all these weird twinges on that side. I guess it's his room right now, and he can do whatever he wants!

I didn't forget, I still want to tell you guys about all the fluff stuff I want to try, but I wanted to say this first! So maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

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